Young Minds

Youngsters are the employees, consumers, and sensible citizens today and tomorrow. We believe that the best way to reach young people is with educational working methods. Touching them and setting them in motion. For almost 40 years we help companies and institutions get in contact with young people.

Whether it is about strategic advice, campaign development, educational material, visitor centres or mobile exhibitions: The solution you need for youth communication must be effective and target group oriented. That is why we are always curious to grasp and make sense of what makes young people tick. How can we translate these insights into strategies and activities that make your (brand) message relevant for young people?

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Reach young people as your employees of the future

The war for talent forces companies to target young people as a future potential employee. Daily practice shows that organizations often don’t really understand the inner world of young people. We create inspiring meetings and make a connection with educational institutions. In a manner which fits with how young people think and feel. We are very experienced in developing job market campaigns. We organize and host guest lectures, excursions, develop educational material, give advice, and organize workshops. 

Reach young people as the new consumers

The new generation of consumers is fast, flexible, not loyal and knows no world without internet. They app, snapp, like and swipe every day. Young people watch films, videos and social media when and where they choose to do that. Furthermore, the access to stuff and services is more important than owning it. Fact is that young people as well as their direct influencers (parents, peers and friends) are extremely difficult to reach and to get engaged.

For teachers it is completely different. To be frank: this target group is often keen to make meaningful connections with companies and high-quality educational material. They look for relevant stories which connect with the hearts and minds of pupils. We energize the desirable types of expertise and stimulate enthusiasm.

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Reach young people as future citizen of the world

Young people are the future citizens of the world. But how do you make sure that young people are currently aware of their contribution to society and a better world? Is it possible to realize behavioral change amongst young people? It can work if you can touch young people with your message. A message that fits perfectly with the inner world of young people, and fits with themes that get a lot of attention in the classroom.

As experts by experience we want to understand continuously what drives the target audience. We are curious, ask open questions, get honest answers, and translate the insights into effective strategies and activities. This approach works. 

Strategic advice

We love to brainstorm with a brand or institution about the possibilities. Where do I stand, what is my direction and how can I reach these goals? The partnership with our clients always starts with strategic advice. Our experience is that everything needs a good fundament. Sometimes consultancy is enough to help companies who like to work directly with young people in their organization. We often support our clients and keep the developments close at hand to follow-up. Are you looking for the right advice, new insights, and a fresh approach? We like to be of serivce with a bespoke strategic advice.