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Aristo Lunetten interior

Aristo Meeting Centers offers since 1983 high quality service and reliable meeting-, training and conference spaces. For a number of years the family company has been working closely with Sandenburg-DST concept creation. We challenge each other to offer the customers who come to Aristo spaces the best services which are adapted to fit the latest trends and developments. The success of the innovative and hybrid concept for Aristo Amsterdam (2019) led to a new assignment to help to revitalize the location Aristo Utrecht Lunetten. 

Aristo Lunetten interior

Behind the scenes we worked intensively with the client to transform the location, making it fresh, colorful and modern. Creating an attractive meeting center for learning, working, meeting, laughing and eating and drinking together. The team of Sandenburg-DST was responsible for the vision, ideation, identity, the spatial design and brand identity. Followed by the building and realization in close conjunction with Stone Project Management. Sustainability played an important role with the large-scale remodeling of the building that lasted three months. We were for example careful to recycle materials.

Aristo Lunetten interior meetingroom
Aristo Lunetten interior

The result is that the redevelopment is a make-over in the true sense of the word. The 42 high quality meeting and training spaces – whether digital, physical or in a hybrid form – stimulate natural interaction amongst the guests. Behind the new glass façade the redesigned ground floor offers an open kitchen, all the technical facilities you can dream of, and a large amount of personal attention. 

New technologies help guests of Aristo Utrecht Lunetten to meet and be trained faster and more efficient. The location offers state-of-the-art hybrid facilities in all the meeting rooms with various technical sets which make use of smart technology. We adopted the idea from Aristo Amsterdam Sloterdijk to help guests to stimulate their creativity by using the brainstorming area. The open break-out zones offer a refreshing change during plenary lesson in order to activate participants. What we didn’t copy were the separated spaces like work&play and do&be (business). We choose to integrate these concepts and spread them out throughout the building in Utrecht Lunetten.

Aristo Meeting Center hopes to attract a new target audience with the re-development of this location.

Aristo Lunetten interior

“By adapting the meeting concept to modern standards Aristo can really respond to the needs of our guests. We want to attract a new group of clients who are looking for an inspiring place to meet, train, brainstorm or scrum.”

René Steenbakkers, managing director Aristo Meeting Center

Aristo Lunetten interior meetingroom

Project team

portret picture Rogier Sterk

Rogier Sterk

Director Concept Development

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

portret picture Lars de Groot

Lars de Groot

Experience Designer

Ilse de Lange

Spatial Designer

Becky Elliott

Senior Brand Identity Designer

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