Brink’s Innovation Center

Brink's mindset

Clients of Brink’s Solutions Netherlands can innovate and optimize their payment processes through co-creation by using the brand new Brink’s Innovation Center in Utrecht. After the acquisition in April 2020 of G4S Cash Solutions Sandenburg-DST was asked by the Dutch organization of Brink’s to realize an innovation center that fits perfectly with the current market of payment solutions and fulfills the demand for innovative concepts. 

Brink’s offers all her clients throughout Europe the opportunity to use the Brink’s Innovation Center as a launching platform to create a structural debate about their dormant needs in the fields of banking and retail solutions. Other important goals are getting together, build a relationship, offer a wow experience, inspire, stimulate sales, map the ideal world and the current situation of the client to determine the gap.

Brink's mindset

The Brink’s Innovation Center consists of several spaces where guests are invited to talk with the professionals from Brink’s for two up to three hours about their challenges and needs. The main languages are Dutch and English. Clients start their journey by connecting with the heritage of Brink’s by experiencing the Brink’s Canon (developments in the world of payments 1995-2022). The emphasis is not laid on mentioning years, but on offering solutions. During the mindset movie clients get to know everything about the world of Brink’s, the People of Payments. 

In the next zone the guest enters the innovation bubble. It’s all about a white canvas, future mapping, and flow building. Here Brink’s uses digital and physical tools to map the processes of the client. During the HOW-session the customer is in the driver’s seat. In a mobile app the participants score individually their company on the 7C’s of Brink’s: crime prevention, cashflow, continuity, control, cost efficiency, convenience and customer focus. 

Brink's HOW room

The next phase is the interactive WHAT-session which takes place in Brink’s Innovation Vault using interaction and gamification techniques. The vault of Brink’s is filled with success stories and payment solutions which clients can pick and choose depending on their specific challenge and organization. It’s all about expertise, inspiration and making things concrete. Afterwards there is a moment to cool down in the Home of Brink’s with drinks and to discuss the next steps.

The HOW-session can be experienced digitally or at the Brink’s Innovation Centre. Which means that all participants are together in one space of in their own digital workplace. Preferably the HOW-session takes place in the Brink’s Innovation Center to fully get the client immersed in the world of payment solutions. The guests receive a smartphone through which they can deliver input during the session. On a large screen the presentation and results of the input can be viewed. 

Brink's locker wall

Brink's digital HOW-session

The digital version of the HOW-sessions is a stripped-down version which is shorter than the physical session. Taking into consideration the limited attention span of participants in a video conference. The moderator shares a link to a webpage with the participants, on which they can fill in a code to join the session. Preferably on a second screen or mobile. 

The team of Sandenburg-DST delivered the complete concept, (functional) design and content for the brand experience and guided the realization process. We used our Creation Process to forge the foundation to ascertain a successful opening of Brink’s Innovation Center.  

Sandenburg-DST worked with pleasure together with project partners Expotise, Rapenburg Plaza, Jungle Minds, Metropolisfilm and Ric Berretty.

Project team

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Arjan van Zeumeren

Experience Design Lead

Carmen Gilhuis

Experience Designer

portret fot Marie-Thérèse Thielen

Marie-Thérèse Thielen

Senior Project Manager

Ilse de Lange

Spatial Designer

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