Jitha's interieur

The Dutch services company Van Staveren introduced in July 2021 a new hospitality concept in a Shell petrol station, putting emphasis on passion for tasty and freshly prepared food. At Jitha’s it is all about enjoyment and slowing down. Sandenburg-DST was involved from idea to realization offering its services vision development, strategy, concept development, brand identity design and spatial design. 

Jitha's interieur
Jitha's pinsa's

Van Staveren, dubbed as the ‘pioniers of the Dutch Northeastern polder’ since 1947, operates 36 petrol stations in the region, of which 15 are unmanned. The HQ annex station in Emmeloord is situated in an industrial area where there is a large demand for lunch services in the afternoon. At Jitha’s, named after the managing director Jitha van Staveren, it’s all about service, experience, enjoyment, temptation and making connections between customer and employees. 

The third generation of the family-owned company has a distinct vision on how enjoying honest, tasty, and good food and refreshments leads to connections with yourself and with others around you. The concept strikes the delicate balance between servicing the truck driver, de local, the recreational passers-by and the business guest. Sandenburg-DST was inspired in the creative process by relevant trends like personalization, health, local, blurring, fast good food and community. The Italian pinsa is one of the key products which is freshly prepared throughout the day. An artisanal product which is vegan and fat free and contains less calories and carbohydrates than a pizza. Jitha’s offers 17 different types of pinsa’s. 

Jitha's tankshop
Jitha's interieur

“The transformation of a regular petrol station to a place where you can also slow down and stay longer has been successful. At Jitha’s you can buy artisanal products and enjoy really good coffee.”

Jitha van Staveren, CEO and owner Van Staveren

Jitha's exterieur
Jitha's tankshop

Jitha’s is all aboout passion, artisanship, heritage, and family. This has been translated in a contemporary and stylish interior. The combination of colors south sea blue, artisanal green, hydrogen blue and wheat flour white and oil yellow is presented in wood presentation furniture which have been specially designed. When you enter the first element which stands out is the large central island in the store where the offering is presented. A lot of effort is put in the preparation of the pinsa’s, snacks, coffee and tea which gives the customer feel welcome and experiences the quality. 

The assortment of Jitha’s offers a selected choice of branded products with a authentic story, produced by suppliers which share a taste for artisanship and passion. The coffees and teas, which are freshly prepared on the spot, are roasted and selected by Blanche Dael from Maastricht. We offer the best quality bakery products and of course the regional speciality ‘the Urker sausage roll’ by Jan de Bakker. We also serve a set of meal deals. Products can be ordered online and picked up at Jitha’s, situated on the Randweg in Emmeloord. We also have a delivery service for companies and local residents.

Jitha's interieur
Jitha's zelfscan

Left from the entrance is a distinct and beautifully designed self-scan machine with a self-service coffeemachine placed right beside it. On the right side of the central island the shelves are filled with special guilty pleasure products for guests who take the time to discover the store. Next to the petrol pumps the guest can park his car and relax inside, work or have a business meeting. Outside picnic tables are placed. 

Jitha's interieur
Jitha's interieur
Jitha's interieur
Jitha's interieur
Jitha's interieur

Project team

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Becky Elliott

Senior Brand Identity Designer

Ilse de Lange

Spatial Designer

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