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The 75th edition of La Vuelta was held in 2020. The jubilee edition of the Spanish bike tour would have started in Utrecht. The La Vuelta Holanda Foundation asked Sandenburg-DST to develop educational materials for primary school groups 7 and 8 and vmbo-1 and -2 classes, to help celebrate this special occasion.


The start of La Vuelta in the Netherlands was cancelled because of the pandemic. The educational material could be used, because it was completely digital. It was a great success, especially in a period where schools were short of digital material for homeschooling their students. La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas was a welcome addition.

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La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas is easy to use for teachers. They can choose from ready-to-use lessons, and from 36 individual assignments for teachers to compile their own bespoke lesson package. Some of these are completely digital and other physical, at the explicit request of teachers involved in putting together the educational material.

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The digital materials seamlessly fitted the core goals of primary education and vmbo classes. Schools in the area of Utrecht advised parents to use the lesson package in their digital home-schooling tools. La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas was adapted for it to be re-used the 2022 edition of La Vuelta which did depart in Utrecht in August 2022.

Project team

Carmen Gilhuis

Experience Designer

Arjan van Zeumeren

Experience Design Lead

Eric Munk

Senior Copywriter

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