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For years the founders of Landmarkt were dreaming of creating an indoor fresh market in the Netherlands. A special place where all fresh products come directly from the producer. The baker has freshly baked the bread you picked up in-store, and the butcher prepares the meat in front of your eyes. Affordable and accessible, offered on a daily basis.

The Sandenburg team developed the vision and the spatial design to make the dream of the founders come to live. The first step was creating a vision document, which resulted from joint work sessions and visits to reference projects. The vision laid the foundation for the first store in the north of Amsterdam.

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Working with Sandenburg-DST creates just the right tension. Their team distinguishes itself with their innovative and commercial approach. What does work, and is commercially viable?

Marien Meurs, director Landmarkt

A former garden centre was transformed into an indoor fresh market. The design is functional and on purpose not finished in detail. The colors and materials of every fresh corner are carefully tuned to the product offer, making the fresh corners clearly recognizable. The open and friendly character of the indoor fresh market concept makes Landmarkt accessible for everybody.

From day one Landmarkt, which opened in 2011, turned out to be a tremendous success. A few years after opening, Sandenburg-DST was asked to extend the store in Amsterdam with 350 square metres to offer a larger fresh experience for customers: a new department with freshly prepared made meals and a make-over of the deli and bakery and the vegetable and fruit departments. The restaurant Aan Tafel bij Landmarkt doubled in size. In July 2019 the first shop-in-shop Landmarkt store was opened in the Ranzijn Dier en Tuin garden centre in Alkmaar. Customers can find the best and tastiest products in a mini store of 300 square metres.

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Project team

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Portret picture Cristina Zanon

Cristina Zanon

Brand Design Lead

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