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As an international family business in the agricultural sector, Lely spends every day making farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. The worldwide market leader in automized systems offers solutions for almost all activities in the cowshed: from milking to cleaning.  The Dutch king officially opened end of June 2022 the renewed Lely Campus in Maassluis in the South of Holland which is a center for creativity and inspiration. The workspace of the office and the factory has been doubled in size. A client visit starts now at the ‘Lely Experience’ in the main hall, which was developed by the team of Sandenburg-DST. 

Lely experience

Inside the Lely Campus staff continuously work on the farm of the future, placing circularity and animal welfare in pole position: the reuse of important food ingredients, feeding cows with fresh grass, waste reduction, emissions reduction as well as cementing closer ties between farmer and consumer. Lely’s ‘Farm of the Future’ is fully automated and consists of integrated solutions which perform their tasks 24 hours a day. Creating a farm which is completely centered around the cow. Repetitive tasks like feeding, milking, and cleaning are automatized, helping the livestock farmer to do what he’s best at.

Lely experience

The Experience

Lely Experience caters for visitors, who are waiting for their appointment or a tour of the factory. They can spend 5 to 15 minutes of their time navigating on a multi-touch table to learn more about the world of Lely. Did you know that Lely has three R&D departments and owns 1600 patents, employs 1600 staff members and services clients in 45 countries around the world? Stories that are being told are ‘Lely around the world’, ‘Work at Lely’, ‘Services & Aftermarket products’, ‘Lely’s Heritage’ and ‘Facts & Figures’. 

Visitors also get a first-hand impression of Lely’s product heroes with names that give food to the imagination: Horizon, Astronaut, Juno, Sphere, Orbiter, Discovery and Vector. These distinctly designed and red colored robot machines are stand-alone exhibits in Lely Experience. Touch screens help the visitor to understand the functions, the features, the advantages, and experiences of farmers with robots inside their dairy farms. At a couple of robots you can even view a demo movie. Have you always wanted to know how milking robot Astronaut automatically finds the udders of a cow? Here you can see how it works. The latest addition to the family is the Lely Sphere, a circular manure-handling system for separating and reusing mineral flows on dairy farms. A small adjustment to the slatted floor ensures separation of manure and urine.


“The renewed Lely Campus gives Lely more room to build products for a sustainable future. The future of dairy farmers, of cows, of the planet and everyone who lives on it” 

André van Troost, CEO Lely.

Key to the Lely Experience is the Lely 3D Farming Model which is shown in a multidimensional interplay of film, projection mapping, maquette, laser technology and music. It takes only three minutes for visitors to get an introduction in the world of Lely and the farm of the future in a gamified video project on a scale model of the Farm of the Future. A farmer can spend more time looking after his cows in this fully automated farm, using data-intelligence. 

Lely experience

Spectacular show

The technique is impressive, but in combination with storytelling you experience a spectacular show. The storyline and special effects are specifically designed to hold the attention span of the viewer. Bringing the farming model to live and offering the visitor insights in why Lely calls itself Farming Innovators, focused on creating a pleasurable, profitable, and sustainable future. Serving a better life for cows and increasing the milk production. Offering farmers the flexibility and freedom of choice to run a successful dairy farm. 

Sandenburg-DST worked on this project with Bruns (production, engineering, execution), Kiss the Frog (interactive media/content, production mindset movie), Ata Tech (AV-equipment, technique, light) and CreativeBros (video production exhibits)

Lely experience

Pictures made by Lely.

Project team

Renze de Vries

Experience Strategist & Concept Developer

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Carmen Gilhuis

Experience Designer

portret fot Marie-Thérèse Thielen

Marie-Thérèse Thielen

Senior Project Manager

portret picture Lars de Groot

Lars de Groot

Experience Designer

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