Tony’s Chocolonely Super Store and Office

Tony's Chocolonely superstore

One of the most spectacular projects was creating the Tony’s Super Store for the love brand Tony’s Chocolonely, the fast-growing Dutch company selling sustainable chocolate. The store is located in the historic Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam, featuring the mega-monster-super-chocomat choc-a-bloc filled with Tony’s bars! Sandenburg-DST was asked for this project after concepting and designing Tony’s head office in Amsterdam.

Tony's Chocolonely superstore

In-store the Tony’s superstars explain the visitors everything about the abuses in the cocoa-industry and how you can make an impact by working together. Tony’s Super Store offers much more besides the eye-catching wall-to-wall chocomat. Like the opportunity to develop your own Tony’s Unlimiteds chocolate bar, creating your own flavour, ingredients and wrapper. At Tony’s Unlimiteds production line you can experience in real-time the automatic production of your bar, ready for pick-up at the reception within 45 minutes. Simply scan a personalized QR-code.

Tony's Chocolonely superstore
Tony's Chocolonely superstore
Tony's Chocolonely superstore
Tony's Chocolonely superstore
Tony's Chocolonely superstore
Tony's Chocolonely superstore

Visitors can also discover and learn a lot about honest and dishonest practices in the cacao industry, using sensational projection mapping elements. For that is what Tony’s Chocolonely is all about: making chocolate 100% slave-free. The Super Store has become a main attraction for Amsterdam.

Sandenburg-DST is constantly looking to connect and work in close cooperation, while communicating clearly.

Marieke van Elk, Liv’in the brandmanager Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely rents three spacious office spaces in the creative hub of Westergas in Amsterdam. The store is opened daily. Here visitors can admire the ‘mega-super-chocomaat’ machine, literally chock full of chocolate bars. You can also see with your own eyes how new tastes are created and tested in the Chocolab.

Tony's Chocolonely offices
Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar

Project team

portret picture Rogier Sterk

Rogier Sterk

Director Concept Development

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

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