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Health care provider Zinzia Care Group supports elderly people who have been diagnosed with dementia and or have physical complaints. For the newly planned construction of their care home Oranje Nassau’s Oord a concept needed to be developed for a large part of the public areas which had to carefully be designed.

In partnership with Zinzia Care Group Sandenburg-DST organized an ideation work session to lay the foundation for Oranje Nassau’s Oord, which brings residents, visitors and people who live in the neighborhood together. Leading were the wide ranging functional and emotional needs of the user groups. 

sitting area Oranje Nassau's Oord

“The design by Sandenburg-DST is contemporary and matches the needs of people who suffer from dementia. We are proud to offer our residents, employees and volunteers such a beautiful and modern place to live and work.”

Hans Somer, board member Zinzia Zorggroep

washing room Oranje Nassau's Oord
physiotherapy Oranje Nassau's Oord
fitness Oranje Nassau's Oord
F&B Oranje Nassau's Oord
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The insights were used to create the base for the design. For every space a contemporary look & feel was developed and implemented in the spatial design. Besides the design of the custom parts, a proposal was made for ready to buy furniture. Culminating in a realization budget.

Wellbeing is central to the whole concept for residents and visitors: from the entrance, traffic spaces and grand café, the library, hairdresser’s to the washing room. Wellbeing by offering tranquility or enabling people to meet each other. Sandenburg also designed spaces for fitness, physiotherapy and exercise consultant Hello Zinzia.

application Oranje Nassau's Oord
game area Oranje Nassau's Oord
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Project team

portret picture Rogier Sterk

Rogier Sterk

Director Concept Development

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

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